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About the film
Human Forever the film

24-year-old humanitarian activist Teun Toebes has a mission: to improve the quality of life of people living with dementia. He has been living in the closed ward of a nursing home for years when he decides to take this mission to the next level.
In an adventurous three-year journey across four continents and through 11 countries, Teun takes you on a disarming and impressive quest around the world in which he looks for answers for the future.

Together with his good friend and filmmaker Jonathan de Jong, he explores how dementia is dealt with in other countries and what we can learn from each other to make the future more beautiful and inclusive. As the number of people with dementia doubles in the next 20 years, this quest is not a question, but a necessity.

Human Forever is currently playing in The Netherlands and will be released on Februari 21 in Belgium

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“For me, Human Forever is not only a compelling film, but above all a monument for all those people with dementia and their loved ones, worldwide.”
Mark Rutte
Prime minister of The Netherlands
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'Toebes's vision for the future of care is one in which we all pitch in.'
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'Teun Toebes gives people with dementia a voice.'
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